Things to do when visiting Tioman, Malaysia

Tioman, MalaysiaTioman, Malaysia

Having the reputation as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, this island destination, with its pristine white beaches, turquoise blue waters and diverse flora and fauna, provides a much-needed respite from the rest of the world. Being the largest of several volcanic islands around the region, Tioman houses several quaint villages and features an array of water activities to do, such as scuba diving, deep sea fishing, snorkelling, waterskiing and windsurfing.

Tioman, Malaysia

Tioman, MalaysiaOne of the attractions in Tioman include the famous Asah Waterfall in Mukut, the largest and most popular waterfall in Tioman. There are also other waterfalls such as the equally impressive Juara Waterfall and the serene Rock Falls in Kampung Paya. These can be reached by 30-45 min jungle treks, allowing the traveler to enjoy the 12,000 hectares of luscious tropical greenery. Some of the trees are centuries old, and the presence of lively monkeys, huge monitor lizards and varieties of birds add to the richness of the sights and sounds in the jungle and make for an authentic and memorable experience. Through the sweat and effort, the sight of the clear waters cascading down the rocky terrain is a pleasure well deserved, and jumping into the cool pools to refresh oneself is an excellent treat.

The rich underwater marine life in Tioman is also a highlight for this tropical paradise. Exquisite formations of coral reefs, large varieties of seashells, sea urchins, colourful seaweeds and a myriad of aquatic fish make Tioman a hot-spot for scuba divers or snorkeling enthusiasts, especially in Renggis Island. The coral gardens around the island are declared a Marine Park and are strictly preserved. For first-timers, there is no need to worry as diving centres are abundant throughout the island and they offer introductory courses.

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Other Activities

Tioman, MalaysiaRock climbing is also a very popular activity in Tioman; advanced climbers can scale the top of the Dragon’s Horns, impressive twin peaks of high altitudes which few climbers have managed to conquer. Many international climbing competitions have been held here. However, beginners are also more than welcome to try their hands at rock-climbing; local guides hold climbing expeditions and teach the basics of this exciting sport. Spas and golf courses are also available at selected resorts for those who simply want to use the trip to Tioman as a place to recharge and rejuvenate themselves. Duty-free shopping is available island-wide. Panuba Bay, Monkey Beach and Midday Beach are also beautiful to suntan and swim in.

Getting There

Flights to Tioman (Airport at Tekek Village) are available from Singapore (Seletar Airport) and Kuala Lumpur (Subang Airport).

Ferries to Tioman are available from Mersing or Tanjung Gemok (north of Mersing)

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